Black Mold in Shower

Black mold can be appeared anywhere especially in the moist areas at home including in your shower. Because of that it is a common thing if you found black mold in shower. The question is how to get rid of black mold in shower effectively? Just don’t let this problem without any treatment because it can be affected your health.

Types of Mold in Shower

The main point is that don’t under estimate black mold. It might very dangerous and even some of them needed to be treated carefully by professional. Even if you have to clean it by yourself, it is a must for you to use masker and gloves to protect yourself. Absorbing the spores is very dangerous for your health and it triggers serious illnesses. There is also mold which caused by soap scum. It is known as Serratia Marcescens shower. This type of mold creates something pink colored around the shower and it looks disgusting. In fact, it is bacteria and dangerous for your health. Before treating it, you may make it sure first. Just take mold testing kit and check the type of mold to know what you have to do next. So, how to clean orange stains on shower? The key to prevent the orange stains is cleaning the shower regularly. What you have to do is wicked away the water and soap scum anytime after showering. Don’t let it until you see the sign of orange stains because it needs specific treatment.

Diseases Caused by Black Mold in Shower

There is a case that you are suffered from specific health problem without unknown causes. Just go to the doctor and take medical check up especially if you found black mold at home including in shower. Without proper treatment, you may suffer from black mold in shower health risks. The main health risk is your respiratory response. The common symptom is coughing and sneezing and it becomes chronic disease without any proper treatment. Slowly but sure, the symptoms are increased such as mucus membranes of the nose and throat. As the result you are suffered from shortness of breath. In worse condition of the mold, it might poisonous and even dangerous for your health. It will be better to call professional to remove the black mold safely. Then, you also need to check your health condition to make sure that you are not infected by the black mold spores and bacteria. When everything is under control, just prevent it by clean the shower and any places around your house regularly.

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