Black Mold Treatment

Stachybotrys or you may know it as black mold is one of types of mold that can consider one of the dangerous one. If your house has been infected by this mold, you may need to find a way to remove it as soon as possible. The main reason is this mold produces toxins called Mycotoxins. It is released into the air and on the surface where it’s grown. And, if this substance contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause irritation and eyes problem. More than that, there are many other allergic symptoms that you can get. If that happen, there are some of Black Mold Symptoms Treatment you can use.

Medication Treatment

Usually, you can use this method when you can find that you have the symptoms of mold exposure, like nausea, fatigue, asthma and more. Of course, you can always go to doctor to consult and know more about your condition. There are two type of medication treatment that you can use. First is using Antihistamines. According to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, medicine like Cleamstine, Ceirizine or the non-drowsy Ioratadine can be used for Black Mold Exposure Treatment. The good thing about this medicine is they are no prescription and over the counter medicine. So, you can easily get it.

The other medication method is using Decongestants. Usually, this is the best method you can use when you have nasal problem because of the allergic symptoms caused by black mold. You can use Oxymetazoline or Pseudoephedrine nasal spray. Or, you also can use oral Decongestant. But, for this one, you need doctor receipt to get it.

Air Treatment

Of course, the best treatment you can use is the air treatment. This means you need to keep the air condition in the room or place where you live or spend more of time are always in good condition. The method is simple. First, you need to have good ventilation in that room. That will make the air circulation goes smoothly. The other method is cleaning the place and removing the object that can be used for mold to grow. You also need to control your room humidity. You can use the device to do this and keep the 40 to 60 percent humidity for your room. Basically, black mold can be dangerous and cause some of problem. However, with right Mold Illness Treatment, you can be freed from this problem.

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