What Happens If You Eat Moldy Bread?

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When you see mold on the bread, it is actually seeing a top of icy mountain. Don’t eat moldy bread by only throwing the moldy part. It can be said mold has long fibers like roots on the food. You’ll never know how far the mold has been removed. Though you accidentally ate moldy bread, it seems to not make you die.

Effects of Eating Moldy Bread

Eating moldy bread is never making you die as long as your body is strong and powerful. However, there are still several effects of eating moldy bread. It is better to prevent consuming moldy bread to minimize health risks.

Allergy Reaction and Respiration Problems

Mold is an indication in which bread has been kept for too long period of time. It has passed the minimal date limit of consumption. Moldy bread may have unseen bacteria so that you must be careful. USDA recommends you to throw the moldy bread because microscopic mold can cause allergy reaction and respiration for some people.


Some kinds of mold in a certain condition are able to produce dangerous substances called as micro toxin. The worst effect of this substance is aflatoxin causing liver cancer. You must be aware of the worst effect of eating moldy bread.

Vomit and Stomachache

It seems to be okay if I just ate moldy bread.  You get only vomit and stomachache after eating it. This is caused by the reaction of mold on the bread. If you have no mold allergy, uncomfortable feeling may occur like eyes irritation, nose, and throat irritation possibly happening.

What To Do After Eating Moldy Bread

If moldy bread has been entering to human digestive system, it surely gives bad effects. To prevent the worst effects, you should conduct several things to do after eating moldy bread. If the patients get fainted, don’t give any aids. Let them take to the hospital for the best aids. But, you can do different treatments for conscious patients. Here are some responsive actions to do.

Drinking Mineral Water

The consumption of much mineral water becomes a right action after eating moldy bread. It has been proven effectively to bring good effects for digestive system. It doesn’t only help to press foods in the digestive system; it is also helpful to neutralize too much gastric acid. It is great to activate enzyme killing pathogen organism from moldy bread. This is also used to substitute the foods that you vomit after eating moldy bread.

Using Coconut Water and Lemon Juice

Both drinks are regarded to be toxin neutralizer and natural detoxification that is able to clean digestive system. The content of anti – bad bacteria is able to remove pathogenic organism from moldy bread. You may also benefit honey to neutralize toxic in the body.

Going to Hospital

Going to hospital becomes the last step on what to do after eating moldy bread. You must bring the patient to go the hospital to get further medical treatments.

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