How to Get Rid of Mold On Walls

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Moldy wall can become one of the troublesome conditions that you have at your house. It’s not only giving your wall a bad appearance. But, it also said to be dangerous for your health. Therefore, it’s a normal thing, if you want to remove this problem. But, before you do that, you need to know What Causes Mould On Walls. This will help you to choose right way to deal with it.

The Causes

The most common causes of the mold case on the wall are humidity and condensation. Usually, it can happen when there is water leak inside the wall that you don’t know. Because it happens for long time, it creates a good environment for mold spore to grow. More than that, if the room doesn’t have good ventilation and air circulation. The stagnant air inside the room will accelerate the mold growth, which in the end; you can see it clearly on your wall. Basically, the most important thing that you need to pay more attention is the damp wall. Now, the most important question is How To Treat Damp Walls Internally? If you can do it, you can solve and prevent the mold from forming. Actually, it’s simple. You just need to find the water leaking source and fix it. Or you also can use the anti-damp wallpaper or product that you can find on the store. With this simple method, you can get the problem solved, mostly.

The Mold Solution

Now, after you know how to solve the cause, next you need to treat your moldy wall. There is a way that you can use to remove the mold, which is with vinegar. So, here are the ways How To Remove Mold From Walls With Vinegar you can use. It’s simple. You just need to use vinegar, put it in the spray bottle and do not dilute it with water. Wear some rubber gloves to prevent it to get into your hand. Spray it on the moldy wall and wait for about half an hour. After that, you can wipe it with scrub or cloth. Or, if you don’t mind with the vinegar scent, you can let it until it’s disappear. It will kill the mold and prevent it grow. But, if it still comes, you can use the stronger product that is specially made for kill the mold. Now, you just need to keep your room air circulated and remove its humidity.

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