How to Get Rid of White Mold On Wood

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Having white mold attacking your wooden furniture or floor would be one of the last thing that ever came up in your mind. It doesn’t only make your wooden furniture or floor looks dirty. But, it can damage the wood, which means you won’t be able to use them anymore. More than that, you need to spend more money to buy the new one. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Actually, there is method you can use to remove mold from wood. One of them is Removing Mold From Wood With Vinegar.

The vinegar method is actually easy to do. What you need to prepare is white vinegar. Put it into spray bottle. Use the distilled vinegar, so it won’t be strong enough to damage the surface of your wooden furniture or floor. This is important, because it will keep the wood finish intact. To use it, you just need to spray it, let it sit for few minutes and wipe it with clean cloth. How about the deck? How To Remove Mold From Wood Deck without damaging its surface? It’s actually the same with the vinegar method. But, you may need to sand it a bit to get better effect. Just remember to use the light sand paper to keep its surface condition. Maybe, you also need to reapply the wood finish to make its looks beautiful after you finished clean the moldy area of the deck.

After it is cleaned up, you can do some prevention method to keep the mold away from your wooden furniture and floor. The method is actually simple. You just need to keep the wood from humidity and excess moisture. You also need to check the wooden surface where there were mold, if there is some mold left behind after you clean it up. This is important, because if there is some mold left behind, it can grow and become problem in the future. You can use surfactant product that will let your mold product clean the mold until its roots. If you find one, repeat the cleaning process to remove it’s completely. And if necessary, you can also apply some of Anti Mould Paint For Wood. Nowadays, there are many paint products that can have this function. More than that, you also can find paint with many different color options, so you can easily choose the one that match with your room design.

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