How to Test for Mold in Walls

It is hard to see mold in walls especially if it is appeared for the first time at home. As the result, you let it without any proper treatment. The worse part is that you don’t realize that you suffered from specific diseases because of mold exposure. To solve such kind of problem, you can just take black mold test kit home depot.

Find Out Mold by Using Black Mold Testing Kit

There are several steps to test mold at home. First, you have to find the visible mold first. Second, you may prepare the black mold testing kit. Just follow the instruction step by step to use the kit. Then, you can send the sample to the local laboratory for further analysis or action. Third, you just need to wait for the result and get ready to treat the mold. While treating the mold, you can start to protect yourself such as protecting your mouth and nose with respirator. The main function is to avoid breathing the spores. Just be careful because breathing spores can affect your health including breathing disease. You can also try to clean the mold with simple ways such as anti microbial product, baking soda, or vinegar. Don’t forget to wear protector while doing it. You can also repair any kind of leaks and seal all small openings. It is also important to check the list of the best mold testing kits so you can get accurate result.

Symptoms and Blood Test for Mold Exposure

Now, how about if you are infected by mold exposure? Just keep calm and find more information about how to treat mold exposure. Actually, you can take blood test for mold exposure. This test is known radioallergosorbent test. The main function of this test is to know the amount of your immune system. The test will know the amount of antibodies in your bloodstream. It will be dangerous if you are suffered from low VIP level or Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide. This is the cause of shortness of breath or chronic fatigue. Black mold blood test is commonly offered in the hospitals around the world. In fact, it becomes one of insurance coverage. So, just go to the doctor right away especially if you are suffered from fatigue, headache, poor memory, unusual skin sensation, and shortness of breath without any certain causes. You should go to the doctor right away especially if you feel the symptoms and you found mold at home. Don’t take it too long without any treatment because it might be dangerous and affected your health.

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