Symptoms of Mold In House

Mold Poisoning Symptoms In Humans can occur when you are living in the place where there is high exposure of mold. Some of people maybe never have thought about the infection that is caused by mold. But, it can happen.

The main cause of this problem is the substance that mold release to air. It’s called Mycotoxins. This substance is the one that can cause many different symptoms and health problem on human, which lead to the condition which is called mold poisoning. However, the only dangerous part is the substance. On the other hand, the mold itself isn’t dangerous or toxic. The Mycotoxins can cause some allergic effect on human, which the condition isn’t good enough to defend from its infection. If this happen, there are several Symptoms Of Mold Sickness that you can find, they are:

–       Runny nose

–       Sneezing

–       Coughing

–       Eyes problem, such as watery eyes, itchy, redness on your yes and more

–       Skin irritation and inflammation

–       Wheezing

If you are looking at the symptoms that mentioned above, you can see that most of them are common symptoms of allergic. And, maybe, you wouldn’t realize that you have been exposure by the mold substance and having mold poisoning problem. Therefore, it’s important to check your health condition to know more about your condition where you find those symptoms.

Actually, if you let the symptoms occur for long time, there is big chance that it can get worst. One of them is asthma. There are many cases where people can get asthma attack because of mold infection. This problem can happen because of black mold, which one of the dangerous mold that produces strong Mycotoxins. More than that, there are also many cases where people get the effect because they eat the food that has mold in it. And, usually, there are several Symptoms Of Eating Mold that you can easily notice. For example, you feel pain on your stomach, fatigue, diarrhea, bloating and other.  If this is what happens to you, you may need to get serious treatment. The Mycotoxins that entered your digest system will be absorbed by your body, which can cause worst healthy effect on your body. In the worst case, it can weaken your immune system. If this part is attacked by the mold toxins, you will vulnerable to many different diseases. In the end, it can harm your life.

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